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Scribbling in the Sand, p. 63-64, 71-72

"North Star People

November 13th, 2019

Praise Him, sun and moon;

praise Him, all you shining stars.

Psalm 148:3

People are sometimes described as stars.  We look up to them, at their apparent brilliance, and feel ourselves small and insignificant by comparison.  They move across the sky of life, luminaries, attracting most of the attention and admiration.  Like the moon they constantly change their faces to suit the season.  Like the sun they often burn hot.  Like meteors they usually burn up quickly.

  If you or I have any choice in the matter (and I am convinced that we do), I would like to campaign for the idea of our becoming North Star people.  Sure, we might not seem as bright or as interesting as some.  Seldom will people point their telescopes at us.  And when they do they will no doubt respond, "Oh, I thought she was brighter than that."

  But as North Star people we can serve a deeper purpose.  When people need us, we can be there for them, pointing the Way.  While the world is spinning at a dizzying pace, we can remain grounded to the same spot, less dazzling but unmovable.

  After all, Jesus was a North Star person.  There was nothing in his appearance that seemed especially brilliant, according to Isaiah.  In his time there were far more dazzling messianic stars who came and went with a flash.  But Jesus has always remained there, rooted to the same place in the universe, unmovable.  He constantly calls out to us to turn around and behold the dazzling dimness of his light, as it shines in this present world - to find our way to it, and then to find our way by it.

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