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This week's session: 

New Creations 

This week, In the Studio with Michael Card you’ll need your Bible as we listen in on some deep conversations.  We start off the hour with Dr. George Guthrie opening to 2 Corinthians to explore the promise of being a “new creation”.  From there Dr. Guthrie takes us to Isaiah and Revelation to see how this theme is woven through the fabric of scripture.  In the second half Ginny Owens talks with Michael about their experience with song writing.  They worked together on songs for the CD “To The Kindness of God” and will let us in on their creative process for bring musical ideas to life.  Throughout the hour we’ll feature songs that will connect these discussions.  We’re praying you will be informed, challenged and encouraged when you listen in to this session,  In The Studio with Michael Card.

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