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This week's session: 

Traveling Mercies

We’re taking a journey together on this week’s new edition, In the Studio With Michael Card.  We’ll start off with conversation about the lessons learned from the missionary work in India by Blanche Brenton Carey.  Joining us from his home in England is Michael’s friend, Adrian Russell who is the author of “Marvellously Helped: The Trials and Triumphs of Blanche Brenton Carey”.  This is an important biography about a Blanche’s bold and risky journey as a servant of the Lord.  In the second half we’ll continue Michael’s series, “Walk With Jesus” presented at The Cove.  In this segment Michael will trace the journeys of Jesus throughout his public ministry pointing out important details along the way.  You’ll need your Bible as we take this tour of the gospel story.  Throughout the hour there’s music that captures the moment as we take in the challenging truths and lessons from God’s word.  So come along with us as your imagination is stretched and your heart his stirred,  In The Studio with Michael Card.

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