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David Miller - Kevin Belmonte


This week’s session In the Studio with Michael Card will take us around the globe and take us back in time.  We’ll make a connection in South East Asia for our first guest, Professor David Miller.  David is a scholar and guide during Michael’s annual Israel tour.  With the backdrop of the Holy Land, David will bring the gospels to life as we hear his insights on Jesus as the Good Shepherd and much more.


In our creativity segment we’ll meet author and historian Kevin Belmonte.  Kevin is known for writing the biography of significant Christians of past generations like D.L. Moody, William Wilberforce and many others.  He’ll share his perspective on the art of writing biography and why he is drawn to learn from the lives of those who have gone before us.  These conversations will be accented by music performed by Michael that will bind the hour together. Take the time to have your thinking stretched, your faith challenged and your soul restored as we meet In the Studio with Michael Card. 

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